The Legend of the Hummingbird

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

How a tiny little bird opened my eyes and gave me the strength to take actions.

I’ve been observing the world all my life. As a child, I already was wondering why children were starving on the other side of the world. It was unfair. I’ve seen wars and people killing each other for the only reason that they were “different”, corrupted politicians abusing their power and mistreating their people, our nature being devastated in the name of growth and economic profit.

What was the meaning of all this? I couldn’t find one. I felt bad. Responsible also. I wanted to change that, I wanted to save the world! But I felt helpless. Helpless in front of the colossal dimension of this daunting task. Where to start? So much to do. Too much for a single person, I thought. So, I didn’t do anything and continued watching the world.

I lived my life, continued to do what I could, following the mainstream path that our western societies were praising: engineering studies, successful career in multinational companies, earning a lot of money, getting married, buying a home. Sounds great, right? Yes, but I still wasn’t truly happy.

Then one day, while searching for a new meaning in my life, I came across permaculture and one of its main actors in France, Pierre Rabhi, who initiated the Mouvement Colibris (Hummingbird movement). So here it is, the Legend of the Hummingbird, an Amerindian tale by Pierre Rabhi:

“One day, a long time ago and in a faraway place, there was a huge forest fire. All the animals were terrified, running around in circles, screaming, crying and helplessly watching the impending disaster.
But there in the middle of the flames, and above the cowering animals, was a tiny hummingbird busy flying from a small pond to the fire, each time fetching a few drops with its beak to throw on the flames. And then again. And then again.
After a while, an old grouchy armadillo, annoyed by his ridiculous useless actions, cried out: “Tiny bird! Don’t be a fool. It is not with those miniscule drops of water that you are going to put out the fire and save us all!
To which the hummingbird replied, “Yes, I know, but I’m doing my part”.

Yes, that was it! I wouldn’t save the world on my own. Okay. But I can do my part! I can have an impact on my immediate environment and the people around me. I can do the things that I believe are right and just. I can choose to behave and act according to my principles and core values. And by doing so, perhaps I could inspire others too?

This is how I decided to become a coach and a trainer. Supporting and accompanying people and organizations to find their purpose and develop their full potential, this is the way I found to contribute to creating the change I want to see in the world.

Of course, quitting one’s job and starting a new career is a huge step that not everyone can afford or might even need. But there are plenty of those little things that we all can do every day to make life a little bit brighter: give a smile to the people around you, truly listen the person who talks to you, offer some help to your friends who might need it, and express your gratitude to those who have helped you. These things cost very little but their positive effect can be amazing!

We must be the change we want to see in the world - M. K. Gandhi

My point is that there are many things that we can’t change. Sometimes it’s hard to accept but that’s the way it is. While it is important to face reality and acknowledge our limitations, I think it is essential to focus all our energy and attention on the things we can actually control, especially now, in these challenging lockdown times.

Now it’s up to you. What impact do you want to have? What is the role you want to play? What makes sense to you? What will be your way to make the world a better place?

Do you need some help? Please have a look at my offer and see how I can support you.

Together, we can make a difference!

Take care. Stay safe.


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