The Future of Work Must and Will Be More Human

Digitalization and the pandemic have transformed our societies, economies, and working environments so quickly, that companies and employees can barely keep pace with those changes. Leaders around the world will play an essential role in shaping the way we live and work together in the future.

The Human Factor

At Mindful inSight, we believe that the importance of emotional intelligence will steadily increase in the coming years and that the corporate world would be well advised to pay special attention to the human factor during this transition. The bottom line is that no matter the level of automation in companies or the role that artificial intelligence will play in the future, one thing remains: it is people who create, develop, and sell products to other people. The success of those products will therefore highly depend on how creative and engaged the people who develop them are, and on the quality of their collaboration and interactions within their organization and with their customers.

A Challenging Task for the Leadership

Leaders are playing a key role in fostering motivation, satisfaction, and well-being among their teams. In operationally overloaded departments, this can be a very demanding task. Very often, leaders are not prepared to, sometimes also not even aware of its complexity. Human beings, with their amazing diversity of emotional and psychological needs, can be very complicated and difficult to understand and many managers feel overwhelmed and left alone with that challenge.

Management Problems Are Unfortunately Still Very Common in German Companies

In North America and Asia, more and more companies have recognized this issue and implemented a variety of initiatives, like stress reduction, awareness, mindfulness, or emotional intelligence programs to support their leadership. In Germany, however, very little has been done in that direction. A recently published study based on more than 37.000 surveys in 149 German companies[1] has found that 85 % of them had at least some problems with damaging leadership behaviours. 21% of the companies had even a pronounced detrimental work environment leading to increased stress, dissatisfaction, reduced performance, and lower loyalty to the company.

The Path to Living Organizations

Mindful inSight supports companies in developing important social, emotional, and behavioural skills among their leadership and in promoting emotional awareness, positive behaviours, cooperation, and agility among their staff. Through our customized human-centred coaching and consulting approaches, we support and accompany organizations to develop and achieve their full human potential. Together we can, and together we will make the future of work more human!

[1] C. Bormann, C. Hoon, M. Graffius & C. Hansen. 2020. A Trickle-down Model of Abusive Supervision and Firm Performance in Family and Non-Family Firms

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