Coaching is an interactive, creative and thought-provoking process that will help you to build awareness, activate your strengths and inner resources and develop your own strategies and solutions to achieve your personal and professional goals, aspirations and dreams.

It is a partnership of equals, based on trust, mutual respect and understanding, in which I will support you in defining your goals and guide you through this insightful process with self-reflections questions, systemic coaching techniques and tools and possibly also with some homework, exercises or lecture recommendations that will help you to make progress between the sessions.

Many approaches in coaching develop more intensity and depth, and thus a higher impact, if the client is in a mindful state of consciousness. With mindfulness and an inquiring approach to your own inner world, new options for action are often astonishingly easy to identify. In this way, particularly if you tend to live inside your head and getting lost in thought, you will be able to discover what controls you and how you could do things differently.

A coaching session typically lasts for an hour. However, when I work on building confidence and self-esteem or on difficult decision-making processes with my clients, I also use some special coaching methods that can require one longer session of about 2-3 hours.

In general, 3 to 6 coaching sessions will be sufficient to achieve your personal goals and create the positive changes you want to see happen in your life. The duration of the whole coaching process can then vary between a couple of weeks and a few months, depending on your topics, wishes and needs.

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You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Business Coaching >>>


  • Develop your emotional intelligence skills (EQ)

  • Manage stress & develop resilience strategies

  • Resolve conflicts in your workplace 

  • Prepare yourself for a challenging conversation or meeting

  • Improve focus and attention & create a real positive presence

  • Increase your self-awareness & master your blind spots

  • Find the right type of leadership for a specific situation

  • Increase your employees engagement & motivation

  • Manage your time & define your priorities

  • Define your professional goals and career ambitions




Personal Coaching >>>




  • Manage stress & develop resilience

  • Find inner resources & gain motivation 

  • Develop your strenghts & self-confidence

  • Work on your thoughts and beliefs & increase self-esteem

  • Create self-awareness & build your own identity

  • Define your goals & discover your purpose

  • Create clarity & take proper actions

  • Identify your needs and values & take difficult personal decisions 

  • Deal with conflicts & find adaquate solutions

  • Re-connect with yourself & manage your emotions

  • Get rid of your fears & find your inner peace