Mindful Living. Mindful Leading.

Julien Lemal


Mindfulness is a state of mind. A way of being and living.

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when you intentionally pay attention on your thoughts and actions in the present moment, without judgement. It is a deep connection between your mind, your body and your surrounding environment, and it can be a life-changing experience…

More and more scientific studies are giving evidence that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning and our health. Conversely, we also know that physiological reactions, like stress, can influence the way we think and cause behavioural changes.  

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness

Stephen R. Covey

I use mindfulness, along with systemic coaching methods, as an approach to help you gain useful insights into your unconscious thought and behaviour patterns, your personal needs and ambitions. I will support and accompany you in creating the mental and emotional clarity you need for your problem solving and decision-making, your personal and professional development, as well as shaping the change you want to see happen in your life.


How I Can

Help You

Mindful Leadership Trainings

For companies, I offer training programs, seminars and workshops on following topics:
  • Stress management & resilience

  • Conflict management

  • Mindful communication & constructive feedback

  • Presence, focus and attention 

  • Self-awareness & self-management

  • Situational Leadership

  • Team building & motivation

  • Emotional intelligence 

Business Coaching

In one-on-one coaching sessions, I will help you to:
  • Develop your emotional intelligence skills (EQ)

  • Manage stress & develop resilience strategies

  • Resolve conflicts in your workplace 

  • Prepare yourself for a challenging conversation or meeting

  • Improve focus and attention & create a real positive presence

  • Increase your self-awareness & master your blind spots

  • Find the right type of leadership for a specific situation

  • Increase your employees engagement & motivation

  • Manage your time & define your priorities

  • Define your professional goals and career ambitions

Life Coaching

In one-on-one coaching sessions, I will help you to:
  • Manage stress & develop resilience

  • Find inner resources & gain motivation 

  • Develop your strenghts & self-confidence

  • Work on your thoughts and beliefs & increase self-esteem

  • Create self-awareness & build your own identity

  • Define your goals & discover your purpose

  • Create clarity & take proper actions

  • Identify your needs and values & take difficult personal decisions 

  • Deal with conflicts & find adaquate solutions

  • Re-connect with yourself & manage your emotions

  • Get rid of your fears & find your inner peace

What my 

Clients say


Maya Schäfer

Life & Business Coach

Herr Lemal macht auf mich einen ausgesprochen bedachten Eindruck und durch seine herzliche und sehr zugewandte Art fühlte ich mich sehr gut aufgehoben. Sowohl seine sehr hohen fachlichen Kompetenzen sowie seine konstruktive und gleichsam empathische Art begeistern mich und die Coachings bei ihm waren nicht nur sehr beeindruckend, sondern – was mir sehr wichtig war – sehr nachhaltig, sodass ich immer wieder von den Inhalten lernen und zehren kann und diese auch leben kann. Ich möchte seine Achtsamkeit und seine Gabe, genau zuzuhören und komplexe Zusammenhänge sehr schnell in feinfühliger Art und Weise zu erfassen und zu erfragen, besonders hervorheben.

Ich werde mich bei neuen Themen immer sehr gerne wieder an Herrn Lemal wenden und habe ihn auch schon aus voller Überzeugung weiterempfohlen. Herzlichen Dank! Sie sind ein Segen für die Menschen!


Sébastien Charles

Co-Founder & CEO


What’s great about Julien is that he is walking the talk. His leadership experience in one of the most demanding industry allowed him to quickly understand the challenges I was facing. His professional coaching skills helped me to implement adequate solutions through very practical approaches. I became more productive and, at the same time, more aware of what I was doing. I'm now able to constantly assess if things are aligned with my goals or not. His advices changed the way I work.

Thank you Julien.


Paula Alvarado

Learning Specialist

I reached out to Julien Lemal with two very different issues. The first time was a wage increase conversation I had pending with my director, for which I felt not prepared at all. I never had such a conversation before and I didn't know how to structure it or even how to talk to my boss. Sounds like an easy thing, but there were layers of work to be done that went even back to the perception I had of myself. I got my promotion, of course! The second time was with a complicated family issue that goes back years and keeps coming back. Funny was that up until that point during the coaching, I was not aware of what the issue was exactly. Julien's insightful and empathetic approach to my situation was like a mirror that was held to my face. I could see so clear what was the root of the problem and solved it instantly. I am very grateful and can only recommend him.